Our association flag  


On the occasion of our 75-Jahrfeier on 30./31. August 1997 we committed this anniversary with a Fahnenweihe. with the field fair on Sunday with following Fahnenweihe in the yard of our Widums our flag by minister Michael Eschrich were inaugurated. Our Fahnenpatin Midi Gapp handed over to our wo1 Patrick Pfeifer the geweihte flag and our chairman Andreas Gaensluckner presented 2 flag nail volumes, with the thanks to all donors, the association.


The flag shows the Trachtenpaar on your main side from dark red velvet in our tracht fully natureal expenditure-ticked and among them a wreath/ring from edelweiss, Almrausch and Enzian, be-close-ticked. The signature "Trachtenverein D ' Gamskogler Ampass" as well as the year of the foundation "1922" and the Fahnenweihejahr" 1997 "are implemented in gold cord embroidery. The four corners zieren silks gesticktes edelweiss.

The second side from cremen Seidenrips shows our parish church and the saying "Hl. Johannes of the Taeufer protects us". The four corners are with seidengesticktem Enzian the fahnenspitze are occupied from solid brass casting and show in the center a Gams..


Schaerpe for the wo1, mourning volume, one rain protection, and three Trachtenhuete for the wo1 and the two flag companions were purchased naturally likewise. For the keeping of the flag with all the implements in club premises a roomy flag box was built.


Without the financial support by the acquisition of a fahnennagels of many companies, associations, institutions, Ampasser families and innumerable sponsors our association flag could have been probably never purchased - quite cordial "Vergelt's God" for all donors!