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In order to be able to ensure for the future an active association life, new generation is essential. Therefore we decided in the year 1994 to install in our association also a child & a group of young people.


As principal purposes we sat down the transmission of dance and Plattlerkoennen, becoming acquainted with from topics to the areas tracht and customs as well as the community care.


Numerous appearances and meetings were already visited and: International child meetings, the annual May celebration in Ampass, Plattlerwettbewerbe, opening of various meetings like e.g. the Gamskogler and the integration ball, Ankloepfeln, prozessionen, Trachtenumzuege, appearance in the Elisabethinum to call with the Tiroler senior federation or in the old people's home in Aldrans, film Castingaufnahme as well as customs evenings over only some.


Meetings such as camps, moving day, cinema, swimming, overnight accomodation in the sample restaurant, Weihnachtsfeier, bowling, district youth afternoons, Mullerumzuege, Jugenddisco, etc. round the interesting program off.


The special attention however surely is with the weekly samples: Beginners learn the basic steps of march, Polka and Walzer as well as the Bur simple basic impacts to the Schuhplatteln. Depending upon ability ever more difficult dances and Plattler become rehearse. Naturally also play may not be missing like the broom dance or "the black man" for loosening. To the stabilization gibt's with the samples naturally also a Limo free of charge.


Our responsible persons learn optimal handling children and young people in most diverse out and training further programs.

Some examples:

  1. -   Methodology and Paedagogik for the explanation of dances and flat-learn (dance keys)

  2. -   Trachtenarten and structure

  3. -   Customs in Tirol

  4. -   Song property

  5. -   Organization of ceremonies e.g. a round birthday or a nut/mother tag celebration in the association.

  6. -   Kinds of farms.

  7. -   These ranges of topics are queried with the examination to the "people-cultural achievement badge"

  8. -   Dance seminars: On to the dance, Idealistenseminar, the dance leader seminar

  9. -   Ziehharmonikaseminare

  10. -   legal seminars: Responsibility and obligations of responsible persons

Optimal instruction materials such as DVD, video, CD, books concerning trachten, customs, songs and plays as well as the protection of children and young people law are to our responsible person team at any time in the sample restaurant at the disposal.


Trachten, blouses and Joppen for the girls as well as leather trousers, Tuxer and shirts for Bur are made available free of charge by the association (costs approx. 500, - per child).


Children and young people between 7 and 15 years are accepted at any time gladly in the association.


With interest or questions we ask for establishment of contact with the youth responsible persons or with the chairman.