Our traditional costume


Girl´s costume: Wippvalley festive costume, white socks, "flor" (= a kind of a black tie) and black jackete


The area of the "Wippvalley costume" extends from the low mountain range of Hall to the low mountain range of Innsbruck and the whole Brenner area including it´s lateral valleys down to the city of Sterzing.


The bodice is made of red woolbrocade and staffed with green costume-ties around the sleeve- and neck-cutouts. The centrepiece of the back is staffed with green velvet ties. The bib worn with red lace fastening shows an embroidery based on white silk or loden in the middle and is bordered with a red silktie. A small golden lace serves for decoration. The blouse is made of white linen and staffed with laces at the neck- and sleeve-cutouts. The black skirt is staffed with a ruby coloured stripe at the bottom. The darkblue pinafore is provided with little white patterns. Combined with the traditional costume there is also worn a black tie of silk ("Flor"), which is sticked into the bodice like a fan. The black, shortly cut loden-jacket is staffed with silver buttons. Along with the white stockings low black shoes with a silver-coloured buckle are worn.



Boy´s costume: leather shorts, traditional shirt, red silk-tie, white socks and a jacket called "Tuxer"


The "Tuxer" is made of grey loden, is worn loosely and has an open, itself downward losing fold in the back. The neckline, the front edge and the margin of the jacket are staffed with a black wool-border. The sleeves have a cuff of velvet and two horn buttons each.With the white traditional shirt of linen a tie of red silk with a horn-ring is worn. The brown leather shorts are decorated with embroidery. The embroidered "Ranzen" (a broad belt) shows a chamois in the centre and the name of our association.

Along with the white stockings low black shoes with a silver-coloured buckle are worn.


The flag-delegation is wearing embbroidered leather-knickerbockers (instead of the leather shorts) and a black trilby with a silver-lace, tassels and two feathers of a mountain cock.