Our club premises 

With the rereviving of the association activities in the year 1988 naturally also the search for the suitable sample premises began. At the beginning we practiced privately with Heinz Baumgartner June in the garage in the garden way. After we had accepted also girls in the association, we evaded from space reasons to the Deml farmer. Subsequently, we in the hotel Roman landlord could complete our weekly samples each Thursday in the room.

With the new building of the kindergarten of the municipality Ampass under Bgm. Rudolf Joham in the year 1996 we could use a small storage and a larger common room.

With the new building of the municipality general-purpose building with meeting hall among mayors Hubert Kirchmair we received a new lodging in the year 2000. Our premises, consisting of a training room with stockroom and a lounge, seize 80 in sum mē. In innumerable working hours removal we with many freiwilligen aids the sample restaurant for our requirements:

In the dance area beside a large spiegelwand an installation box for our association flag and for the music and PC plant was attached. The signature "Trachtenverein D ' Gamskogler" and innumerable pictures make
Built secretaries, trachten, beverages, chronicle as well as a crystal cover with hand-made association coat of arms in the lounge a kitchen block, a large table with hitting a corner bank for the optimal execution of committee meetings, again an installation box for chairman, take the money.

For our numerous implements we have the storage with shelves and boxes ausgestattet.Ohne the many freiwilligen aids and sponsors us this development surely would not have naturally succeeded.

A cordial "Vergelt's God" all aids and the sponsors Gedl's building service, John the Painter as well as the building and Kunstglaserei Stackler (www.glaserei.at

That the municipality Ampass attaches a very high value to the association life, we appreciate naturally much.