The history of the Trachtenvereines D'Gamskogler Ampass decreases/goes back in the year of the foundation 1922. In war confusions of the Second World War the association activity had however temporarily to be adjusted and could only after end of war again to be taken up. Until at the end of of 1955 in Ampass then also regularly one danced and one geplattelt; afterwards the association life fell asleep however.


Only in the year 1988 some young Ampasserinnen and Ampasser decided to arouse the old association again to the life. Since that time both the number of members and the level are constantly gestie­gen and we could in numerous meetings abroad the in and participate.


In order later by recruitment problems not to be troubled, had we in the autumn 1994 our child and group of young people based. There at present 11 Bur and girls at the age of 7 to 14 years learn eifrigst people dances and Schuhplattler. Some these children play also typical popular musical instruments such as hackbrett, zither, ziehharmonika or guitar.


Except the group of children 47 active members and 45 contributing members belong at present to our association. With the various disengaging the girls carry the Wipptaler tracht with Flor and black Joppe; Bur is fitted out with short leather trousers, satchel, red silk tie and a Tuxer.


The main objective of the Trachtenvereines D'Gamskogler Ampass lies in the care of tracht, Brauch­tum, people music, song and dance and goes thus the far beyond pure Schuhplatteln. Meilen­stein in our association life one can surely call the acquisition of its own association flag to the 75jaehrigen establishment anniversary in the year 1997 and the trip abroad every fourteen days to Brazil in the year 2003.


Our effective range is quite extensive and is enough from the participation in lay and church festivenesses (prozessionen etc..) in the own village and outward up to the organization of various Veran­staltungen, whereby the May celebration accomplished annually by us always represents a high point in the village calendar. Thus there are to prepare still innumerable social gatherings, in which the Gamskogler and the "Gams duo" participate and hope in it, for the spectators and listeners with our presentations and activities joy.